Border crossing: Maracaibo to Maicao to Santa Marta

Photo: Have an ice cream on us.

Woohoo! I’m alive!

On Tuesday 5th August 2014 I travelled from Maracaibo, Venezuela to Santa Marta, Colombia.

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Don’t take beautiful legs abroad

Photo: Swelling on left leg from bite and numerous marks on both legs.

Before I left England I had beautiful legs. Beautiful by my definition meant no marks; bar a light scar below my left knee from breaking a window (not as cool as it sounds, my mum was very cross with me). Sure my legs might have been pasty white but they had no marks god damn it!

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Brazil here I come!


On Monday 24th March I handed in my notice at work. I’ve been working very happily there for 3.5 years but it’s time for an adventure.

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The Swimathon!!!


I’ve got to start this post by giving thanks – Thanks for all the support over the past three months – encouraging messages, advice, donations – It’s been phenomenal. :)

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It’s the final countdown


This blog post covers my final two practice swims. I will publish a post about the swimathon soon. #HoldTight

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Swimming in Nessie’s neck of the Loch


At 9pm on Thursday 13th March, instead of going home to my comfortable bed, I boarded a coach to Glasgow. Nine hours later I alighted the coach and surprisingly, I didn’t feel like a zombie. I’d managed to squeezed in enough sleep to not want to kill anyone.

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What do Michael Phelps, an Oxygen tank, dehydration and a swimming hat have in common?

The suspects

The suspects

The pressure of writing an award winning blog*, which has 3,472 views in its lifetime, from places as far away as South Korea (Hi Siwan and In ki), is mammoth. With all the pressure (think the Earth on the back of a turtle) I should be as thin as a piece of paper (think the Earth on top of a photo of a turtle). Nevertheless, I’ve got to keep the posts rolling out like chocolates at Cadbury World because there’s no time for sick leave when you’re a blogger. Inconveniently, the web doesn’t wait for you to get better. It simply redirects readers to the latest viral blog post such as: “25 things you didn’t know about socks!”, “Breathing – how you’re doing it wrong!” and “13 things only everyone knows”.

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