Why do Crocs travel and muffin tops rise?

Muffin Top :D #Yummy

Muffin top

There’s two phenomena currently sweeping South America that nobody is talking about – Crocs and muffin tops.

Forget FARC sightings in Colombia, airlines shutting down in Venezuela, and Rio 2016 volunteer applications opening in Brazil, those topics are occupying enough space. The 2014 Crocs and Muffin Tops Pandemic (CMTP14) is spreading widely and nobody is paying attention! Except me.

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Border crossing: Manaus to Boa Vista to Santa Elena de Uairen; And Roraima and Angel Falls tours


On Thursday 10th July 2014 I travelled from Manaus in Brazil to Santa Elena de Uairen in Venezuela. The journey took approximately 17.5 hours. This post discusses that journey and shares advice on Roraima and Angel Falls tours.

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Border crossing: Maracaibo to Maicao to Santa Marta

Photo: Have an ice cream on us.

Woohoo! I’m alive!

On Tuesday 5th August 2014 I travelled from Maracaibo, Venezuela to Santa Marta, Colombia.

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Don’t take beautiful legs abroad

Photo: Swelling on left leg from bite and numerous marks on both legs.

Before I left England I had beautiful legs. Beautiful by my definition meant no marks; bar a light scar below my left knee from breaking a window (not as cool as it sounds, my mum was very cross with me). Sure my legs might have been pasty white but they had no marks god damn it!

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Brazil here I come!


On Monday 24th March I handed in my notice at work. I’ve been working very happily there for 3.5 years but it’s time for an adventure.

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The Swimathon!!!


I’ve got to start this post by giving thanks – Thanks for all the support over the past three months – encouraging messages, advice, donations – It’s been phenomenal. :)

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It’s the final countdown


This blog post covers my final two practice swims. I will publish a post about the swimathon soon. #HoldTight

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