The basic Proust Questionnaire – 4.5.16


Damir and I

Today a friend, named Damir, told me about the Proust’s Questionnaire. Damir does it every year. I’m going to start doing it every year too!

1. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
I don’t think it exists. But a bike, sunshine, and a lake come pretty close.

2. What is your greatest fear?

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Volunteer Stories 28/4/16


Conny as a Scout

Episode 3 of „Volunteer Stories” sees host Lettice Wigby interview guest Conny about her experience volunteering as a Scout Leader for 6 years in Vienna, Austria. During the interview Lettice and Conny will discuss the types of activities Scouts do, what skills you gain from being a Scout, what the best camp-fire food is, and Conny’s favourite Scouting memories.

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Weekly Round up – Friday 22/4/16

Having finished my sugar fast on Sunday 17th April this week was sweet – very sweet as I made sure to make up for all the missed chocolate and biscuits! But the fast wasn’t completely in vain as I learnt some useful lessons:

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Weekly Round Up – Friday 15/4/16


14-24 Magazin

This week I wrote an article for 14-24 magazin, finished a video about the Filter Europe training event in Austria, and hosted the second episode of Volunteer Stories.

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Weekly Round Up – Friday 8/4/16

Music Video

This week has been challenging as I gave up sugar! Sugar was becoming an addiction for me. I couldn’t go a day without eating chocolate or cake, and I ate sugar-packed foods all day long. Numerous studies show sugar to be extremely unhealthy so I want to cut it out of my life for 14 days and then only eat it occasionally. See my progress in my daily update videos.

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Weekly Round Up – Friday 1/4/16

Volunteer Stories Episode 1

This week has been short but busy. My highlight was recording the first episode of my new radio show; Volunteer Stories. I was rather nervous but the show went well. My guest Georgina (pictured) had lots of volunteering stories to share and the songs provided by Third Party Incidents, Red Cable Sunday, and Feature Creep were all excellent.

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Campus & City Radio 94.4 adds Lettice Wigby’s “Volunteer Stories” to its lineup


Campus & City Radio 94.4 has added a new, hour-long show to its lineup: “Volunteer Stories”. A lively mix of guest interviews and indie music, “Volunteer Stories” sees Lettice Wigby interview people about their voluntary work and play songs by musicians who have volunteering experience.

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