You know you’re in Kwali, Nigeria when…

Me and my host sister

Me and my host sister dressed in traditional clothes

For the past three months I’ve been living in Kwali; a small town in central Nigeria. It’s the first time I’ve visited Kwali or anywhere like it. Kwali contains little nuances that make it special and having just read “You know you’ve been living in Tamale, Ghana for almost two years when…” I want to share them with you.

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Border Corssing: Puno to Copacabana or La Paz


This post is to help people who want to go from Puno in Peru to Copacabana or La Paz in Bolivia. It’s an easy border crossing; so don’t worry!

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The Jungle Diaries: Week 3


Biton and me howling

Hola from Bolivia!

Before my volunteering experience is over I thought I´d run through what a typical day is like in the shoes of an unqualified zoo keeper. Here goes:

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The Jungle Diaries: Week 2


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The Jungle Diaries: Week 1


Hola Amigos!

I am in the middle of Bolivia volunteering at an animal sanctuary. It´s going well, the toughest part is making friends with the humans! Haha.

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How to survive any hike


Recently I hiked over 5,000 metres to the snow line of Nevado del Tolima in Colombia. Before that I spent 5 days trekking to and from Colombia’s Lost City. And before that I completed my longest trek to date – a 6 day hike up and down Mount Roraima in Venezuela.

This recent bout of hiking brought back memories from when I used to hike as a teenager. 10 years ago I used to regularly go hiking with Girl Guiding UK. I hiked at different difficulty levels and in different countries including; England, Switzerland, USA, Australia and Thailand.

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Border crossing: Ipiales to Tulcan

Bridge from Colombia to Ecuador

Bridge from Colombia to Ecuador

On Friday 10th October 2014 I left Colombia and entered Ecuador. In this blog post I describe the journey from Ipiales to Quito, including stops at Las Lajas and Tulcan.

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