How it all began

I hate running. Memories of cross country at school send shivers down my spine. The only running acceptable in my book is to catch a bus.

Recently an email went around the staff team asking us to participate in the British London 10K Run. Immediately I deleted it. A few days later I got an email from a co-worker asking for donations as they had signed up. I went to visit them to give them a donation. Whilst talking they asked me “why don’t you do it?” I immediately screamed “no way!”

As I was leaving I thought to myself “why not?”, and over the next few days the question played on my mind. Jaded by an incredibly sunny weekend, running outdoors amidst grass seemed appealing. So I caved and asked Google a few questions:

  1. What is 10K in miles? Answer: 6.2 miles
  2. How long would it take to run 10K? Answer: 1 hour (approx)
  3. How long would it take to learn to run? Answer: 16 weeks

Then I worked out how many weeks there were until the run. Answer: 14 weeks

The two week gap, between experience and the run, failed to deter me and I continued to still  think about doing it. Next I wanted to know what my friends thought and whether they would do it with me. I didn’t expect any responses but within two hours, two friends said they would join me. Immediately I was scared. What had I done? What had I got myself into? I forgot I had friends that liked to run! So now it was real. I had to run.

I’ve chosen to run on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau (NCB). To donate visit the NCB donation page.

Photo courtesy of JoshBerglund19