Crowded Central Park

With my schedule at foot (pun un-regrettably intended) I now have to start running.

Honestly, I thought I had this in the bag because there is a little park opposite my flat. I kitted up, headed out and then bam! It hit me. There are people in the park (how dare they!); dog walkers, kids playing football, people on benches. I can’t run in front of them! Instead, I opted for side roads which had fewer spectators.

I did my eight one minute runs with breaks and headed home. I started to feel pain at minute six, and boredom at minute four. Yeah, I forgot running was boring. No wonder people run with music players. I wasn’t expecting boredom. I was expecting death! Well, I suppose boredom is easier to manage.

I’m running on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau. Donate here!

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