• Week 2 Run two mins, walk one min. Repeat seven times. Do three times a week.

Week 2 fell over Easter when I was at my family home in Wales. Luckily we live near a nature park and my mum was keen to accompany me on runs. The Welsh countryside provided a picturesque backdrop, and I loved seeing the horses, sheep and lambs on my runs.

The only downside of being at home was I reverted back to lazy mode a bit. I started off with good intentions, completing day 1 and 2 on schedule. However, there was a big gap (5 days!) between day 2 and 3. See what days I ran on here.

The jump from running for one minute to two minutes wasn’t too bad, especially as I only had to run seven times instead of the previous eight! I fear the jump from two minutes to three though. Wish me luck!

I’m running on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau. Donate here!

Photo courtesy of Photography King.