• Week 3 Run three mins walk one mins. Repeat six times. Do three times a week.

I wasn’t particularly keen on running today. It was a mix of bad weather and tiredness. But I made myself go as it would throw my schedule off over the weekend; I wasn’t going to let running interfere with my partying!

It seems you can make yourself run even when you’d rather not. It was the easiest of the three runs this week. I knew I could do it as I had already done it twice (run 1, run 2), so I just got on with it so that it was over as soon as possible. I didn’t even stop to look at the baby ducklings; you know you mean business when you pass up the opportunity to coo over fluffy ducklings!

The fifth and sixth runs were when the challenge picked up and my speed declined. I made it through but it was tough, especially as there were some really fast runners ahead of me, that I watched getting further and further away! I managed to keep all the one minute breaks one minute. On previous days I’ve gone over by 10 – 20 seconds. And week 1 I took two/three/four/five (!) minute breaks, so I’m getting better.

So now week 3 is done – yay! On to week 4. As I’ve said before I’m not looking forward to the five minute runs. I’m tired at three and bored by two. So let’s see. On the plus side I only have to do them four times and I get to walk for two minutes 🙂

  • Week 4 Run five mins, walk two mins. Repeat four times. Do three times a week.

I’m running on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau. Donate here!

Photo courtesy of cheesy42.