A runner and blogger named Geb mentioned 100 reasons you should work out today in a post.  The article made me think “what do I enjoy about running?”. So here are five things I like about running so far:

1. I like to set myself challenges

Since I was young I have set myself challenges. Some of the most memorable challenges I have set myself include; attending university, being a camp counsellor in America and learning how to do the Worm! I managed to achieve those things. Things I haven’t achieved (yet) include learning how to do cartwheels and getting 90 points or above in a university course; the closest I got was 89 points in Sustainable Cities (so close!)

After graduating university in 2010 I realised I hadn’t got any more goals and felt a bit empty. So running a 10K is my next challenge!

2. I want to live long

I want to be a centenarian and receive my card from the Queen! Running will help me keep healthy and being healthy will keep me alive. Queeny get a new dress, I’m going to reach the big 1-0-0!

3. I like being outdoors

I have always enjoyed outdoor activities. My favourite outdoor activities include kayaking, hiking, bike riding (my favourite bike ride was in Canada on a hot summers day with my friends from Summer camp), horse riding, swimming, archery and rounders.

I also love nature. One of the reasons that I studied Geography at university was because I love how pretty the Earth is. Running lets me see rivers, forests, canals, horses, sheep and ducks! What more could I ask for?

Running will also help me get out in the evenings and off my computer. Ever since earlier this year when I didn’t have the internet for a month, I have been conscious of how dependent I was on it; and how I never want to be that dependent on it ever again!

4. I like to see improvement

One of my favourite things about running is that each week I see an improvement. I run a little further or a little longer; it’s brilliant! Improvement keeps me motivated. It shows me that my hard work is paying off and makes me want to achieve more.

5. To help others

If it wasn’t for the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) I wouldn’t have a new challenge that sees me leave my comfort zone, learn how to run and sign up for a 10K run! I want to raise money for NCB so that they can continue to help improve the lives of children across the UK. Here is a list of my favourite things that NCB does.

I’m running on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau. Donate here!

Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica.