• Week 4 Run five mins, walk two mins. Repeat four times. Do three times a week.

Yesterday was a failure. I went for a run and after the first five minutes my trainers broke! So I had to stop early. Today, on the other hand, was a success. I went for the last run of week four and it was fine. I’ve stopped feeling dead after running. I’ve slowed my pace right down. The only problem I notice now is pain in my right foot whilst I’m running. I think it stems from an injury I had a few years ago. I’ve been thinking about my foot fall and trying to adjust it a bit. But I will visit the doctor for professional advice.

On another note, I might start vlogging because blogging takes too long. Are there any running vloggers out there?

I’m running on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau. Donate here!

Photo courtesy of Aarni Heiskanen.