• Week 5 Run eight mins, walk two mins. Repeat three times. Do three times a week.

Unlike last week I didn’t syked myself out about starting a new week this time. I didn’t check the schedule until after I finished week 4 so I didn’t have time to over think it!

My worrying about running for longer periods of time is decreasing because:

1.  I’m starting to enjoying running

2. I’ve managed to stick to the schedule so far

Here is how day one of week 5 went:

The first 8 minute run went well. I didn’t look at my watch until 5 minutes 20 seconds. Also, running passed the ducks curled up asleep reminded me of why I love morning runs. I exceeded the 2 minute break because I got distracted watching 3 baby goslings and their parents. They were cute yellow balls of fluff that I simply couldn’t ignore.

During the second 8 minute run I started to feel pain in my stomach. I think the cause was running too fast. There was a lady running behind me with a cough and I want to get away from the noise she was making! The pain meant I looked at my watch a lot sooner. I cracked at 3 minutes 30 seconds. I noticed after this run how fast the 2 minute breaks were going! Much faster than in week 4. I guess it is taking me longer to recover as I’m running an extra 3 minutes.

The third 8 minute run was slightly tougher, not because of the stomach pain, that had subsided; I was no longer being chased by a coughing woman, but because of tiredness. I kept going though and ran until the end of the canal which took the run to 9 minutes 30 seconds. The highlight of this run was seeing an angler reel in a big fish! I was mid run so I didn’t stop, but what I managed to catch was really cool. Especially, since I see anglers all the time but have never seen one reel anything in before.

Side note – On the schedule I’m following, I’m only meant to run 3 times a week.  So far I have stuck to it and ran every other day/two days. However, over the last few days I’ve been tempted to run on my days off too! I’ve read beginners shouldn’t over do it at the start; so I have resisted so far. But I am so tempted! Running is starting to become fun and I want to do it more – goodness I sound crazy again!!!

I’m running on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau. Donate here!

Photo courtesy of tristrambrelstaff.