• Week 6 Run 12 mins, walk one min. Repeat three times. Do three times a week.

I started running in March and when I started ‘enjoying’ running wasn’t something I thought was possible. But fast forward 6 weeks and I’m really enjoying it. So much so, in fact, that I have purchased some running kit. To me, buying kit is saying I’m committed to running, because there are lots of other things I could spend the money on, e.g. this Holly Kitty bag!

Until now I have been running in basketball shorts or jogging bottoms and a cotton t-shirt. Now, I read somewhere that cotton retains sweat. To be honest, I quite like finishing a run and my t-shirt sticking to my back; it shows that I’ve worked hard. But I can’t stand doing the laundry, so if I own more shirts I don’t have to do it so frequently – yay! In addition, I read this blog post about how many running clothes this lady has, and it made me want to buy some. What can I say? I’m easily influenced.

So after work I visited a sports shop and bought a 100% polyester running t-shirt. The label boasted that it is breathable and “specifically designed to give runners the comfort and performance they need” and at £5.99 who can resist testing it? If by some miracle it does improve my performance, i.e. make me run faster, I will go back and buy another one two three four the whole stock.


This evening, I wore my new running shirt under my cagoule. It wasn’t raining but the weather was freezing. However, by the second 12 minute run I was annoyed by the cagoule. It was getting too hot and the rustling sound it made caused people in front of me to turn around and see what was behind them; me overheating in a cagoule!

The t-shirt did its job. It was lightweight, cool and dry. The only thing that got in the way was the cagoule. It trapped in the damp that the t-shirt was try to breathe out! Never mind. The weather will be warm enough soon so that I won’t need a cagoule and the tshirt can be free to do its job uninhibited.

My Nike+ stats for day 2 of Week 6 were:

Distance: 3.4 miles

Time: 36:40

Pace: 10’45” per miles

I ran faster than yesterday. And yes, I did it again; I ran two days in a row. I know the programme says not too, but I really like running! I also ran on a full stomach again. Culprit: vegetable crisps. I probably sound like I’m doing some epic meal/exercise challenge – I’m not! It’s just that our oven is broken and I’m sick of pasta and couscous!

I’m running on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau. Donate here!

Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica.