I had intended to go for a run this morning. I woke up and the sun was calling me to go outside, but my body was saying ‘I can’t run’. So I listened to it. I had run the last two days and it wanted a break. I took my time and decided to go for a walk around noon.

I checked Google Maps and it said Victoria Park had a deer park. I love animals so I thought ‘let’s go there’. It was along Regents Canal, in the opposite direction that I usually run, so it was a new area to explore.

Victoria park was about 4 miles away. I enjoyed the walk despite the rain. And once I got to the park there was live music at one of the band stands, which was a nice surprise. There was a four string quartet and an opera singer.

Opera singer at Victoria Park

Once the music ended I continued to walk around the park. Sadly, there were no deer 😦 But there was a really fun playground. I went on the slides and swings. I also bought an old school ice cream!

I returned home 5 hours after I had left! Nike+ said I walked 8 miles. It was a bit more though because I turned it off when I was in the park.  Now my feet hurt really bad. I will have a foot bath tonight. I want my feet to feel better so I can run tomorrow.

I’m running on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau. Donate here!

Photos courtesy of moi!