• Week 6 Run 12 mins, walk one min. Repeat three times. Do three times a week.

This morning I went for my last run of Week 6. It was coming up to noon so there were lots of people along the canal. This caused me to ran faster than normal during the first 12 minute run in a bid to escape them.

During the second 12 minute run I experienced self doubt. I started to think about stopping. I’ve not experienced self doubt much before. I just had to change my thoughts and not over think it. Luckily it passed.

During the third 12 minute run I could tell I had expanded more energy than usual in the first two runs. I was tired! But I pushed on. When I was on my way back home I noticed my knees hurt. I will look into what causes knee pain.

When I got home I took my shoes off and noticed a blood stain on my right sock. I was mortified. Why was there blood! WHY! So I took off my sock and one of my little toes had bled. No freakin’ way I thought! I’m never running again! Nobody warned me my toes would bleed. This reminded me of the time I quit guitar because it hurt my fingers. I don’t accept pain or damage to my body because you only get one! Strangely it didn’t hurt whilst I was running. But still I need to minimise the chances of this happening again or my running career is over.

Stats wise this was my best run. I thought if anything yesterday’s 8 mile walk would have hindered today’s performance. I guess not.

Distance: 3.69 miles

Time: 37:47

Pace: 10’13”

I’m running on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau. Donate here!

Photos courtesy of Foxtongue.