• Week 7 Run 15 mins, walk one min, Run fifteen mins. Do three times a week

Last week I had three days off between run 1 and run two of week 7. I just didn’t feel like running. Sometimes I want to run but shouldn’t because I need to rest. During these times I tend to still run (e.g. here)! But last week I didn’t want to run. I just didn’t feel like it. I felt a bit guilty for not exercising for three days straight, but I soon got over it!

Week 7 run 2

What I didn’t expect from resting for three days was my whole body to hurt after running again. Whilst I was actually running, the only pain I had was in my right foot. The Achilles tendon to be exact (I Googled it). I have bought new trainers now, and learnt a new stretch, which should help the tendon.

I ran 15 minutes twice and then finished with an 18 minute run. Whilst running, I realised how important a good view is too me. As long as I have something to look at time flies. I also did this run on a Friday night so the canal path wasn’t busy = lush!

I also discovered the difference between, and the importance of, warming up and stretching. I also bought some running socks. And whoa -who knew socks could be so cushioned! Heaven.

Another thing I did with run 2 and 3 is return to minimalist running. I just mad that up. It’s probably used somewhere else and means something different, but I’m using it to describe going running with as little technology, aka distractions, aka timewasters, as possible.

So I’ve simply been running with tissue (which as noted here I can’t run without), my house keys and my watch. I didn’t ditch the technology to reach some higher psyche, I was just sick of how long it was taking to get ready for a run. And I would always forget something (usually my watch!) My new plan is that when I change my running distance, on the first time I will bust out the Nike+ sensor. After that I can leave the sensor at home as I already know the stats. Less fuss. Simple.

Run 3 week 7

I ate wayyy too much food, more than this time, or this time, resulting in a serious stitch during the first and second 15 minute runs. But I got through it. At least now I know what to expect if I run after having eaten loads.

Week 8

As I mentioned in the post before last. I have been running an extra 15 minutes in Week 7 than the programme specifies. I’m meant to run 15 minutes twice. But I have been running 15 minutes three times. This happened by accident. I read the programme wrong! I wasn’t trying to skip ahead.

Week 8 involves running 30 minutes once. Shall I do that? Or shall I run for 20 minutes three times? What do you think?

I’m running on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau. Donate here!

Photo courtesy of Gareth1953 Alive and Well and Much Better.