I was in Wales over the bank holiday weekend. I really Like the Welsh countryside so I was looking forward to going for a run. I hadn’t run in a few days so I aimed for a 30-40 minute run.

Unlike my last run I didn’t feel pain from the moment I started running. I did, however, feel scared! Usually, when I run I wish there were fewer people around. This time, however, I wished there were more! Since the last time I visited Wales the vegetation has grown – a lot. Making the path really creepy. The kind of creepy where you wonder about people jumping out of the bushes and killing you. Luckily, the path became less creepy as I began to pass dog walkers and fishermen.

Running wise, I had to take a 1 minute break after 19 minutes. I was so tired. I had been running up a gradual slope and I hadn’t run in days. After the break, I turned back and ran home. I ran for 22 minutes on the return. So in total I ran for 41 minutes, which I’m pleased with.

The only disaster was mid running I swallowed a fly! It was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so gross! So gross! I’m used to dirt and the occasional bug hitting my eyes but swallowing a fly! Jesus Christ! Why does running keep testing me.

Last, my knees are really starting to hurt. I need to look into the cause and cure.

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Photo courtesy of Rhian vK.