Yesterday was my 29th run. I ran for 60 minutes and covered 5.5 miles/8.9km. Booyah! I left the house at 9am. It was sunny. I had spf 50+ on but I still came home with a red face. The heat made it harder to run. But not as bad as the last time I ran on a hot day.

Click below to see my post run video and brief writings.

It was nice to go further down the canal. The change of scenery took my mind of running. I also got past my fear of running through Camden when it’s busy. Though to be honest, Camden isn’t terribly busy on a Sunday morning at 9am, but still baby steps!

Running 5.5 miles was quite an achievement since I hadn’t done a decent run for over a week. My last run was 5 days earlier and had only lasted 16 minutes! I’ve been told that your body doesn’t forget the work you’ve done very quickly, so I guess it must be true!

Afterwards, I had some knee pain. I could walk reasonably well though. Below is my post run video. I got the date wrong. I ran on the 17th not 15th of June.