People of the world, stop what you’re doing for a minute and celebrate with me, I just ran 10-bloody-k! Woohoo! This calls for a street party or a boat parade or both! Cast your mind back to  Week 3 when I thought running for 3 minutes was inhumane and made me feel like I was dying! Now, I don’t feel like I’m dying until 20 minutes in and then I push myself for another 50 minutes! Woohoo, progress!

Watch my post run video and then read my typings below! P.S I did the run and blog post yesterday, Monday 18th June, but I posted it today, Tuesday 19th June, so don’t get confused!

To be honest during today’s 71 minute run/6.4 mile run/ 10.3km run/ however you want to refer to awesomeness, I realised that I don’t notice pain like I used to. Whilst running I used to record my negative thoughts, the primary one being ‘I hate running, why am I doing this?’, by the minute (e.g. Week 3, day 1). And, happy thoughts, such as ‘aren’t those goslings so cute!’ would only feature occasionally.

Now, I’m not about to tell you that I no longer have negative thoughts whilst running. It’s just they take up less head space.  Today my complaints included, my trousers making my legs feel itchy, my right foot hurting towards the end, my keys and loose coins making a clinking noise which could have attracted a mugger (!), Camden being busy, the sun being in my eyes, half a dead pigeon on the ground and the path under some of the bridges smelling of urine. But, you know what? I got over them. They didn’t bug me for the whole run. There were times when I was just running. I know it doesn’t sound like it, but I swear from the 16th minute to the 18th I was in running bliss! No, but seriously, now I understand what people mean when they say they run to clear their heads. One day I can see myself clearing my head for at least 5 minutes.

Having said that. I ran for two reasons today. I mentioned one in the video, namely my competitiveness. The second reason I forgot to mention, so I’ll tell you now. I ran to avoid doing something I didn’t want to do. I’ve never done that before, usually running is the thing I don’t want to do! But I force myself to do it because I’ve signed up for the British 10K.  I’m sure there must be other runners out there who run to avoid things. You see, running takes up a lot of time. A lot, and then through in a blog, and it’s a miracle you manage to wash yourself and get to work!

You see, part of me ran today to avoid looking for a new place. Gumtree, whilst it’s found me several good places to rent before. I hate using it. More than I hate leg pain. Which is saying something. I swear after yesterday’s run my legs felt like they were going to drop off. And after today’s run, I swear if you had cut my right foot off with a rusty, blunt machete it would have hurt less than the swollen thing on the top of it. Anyway, mission completed it is now midnight and I have not looked at any rooms! Oops!

So now, I have 3 weeks left until the British 10K takes place. Which is another reason I have started to up my distance. One friend told me marathon runners don’t run the full distance before the big day, and another told me, whilst it would hurt, I could run 10K tomorrow. So, even though I didn’t have to I ran 10K today! And I’m please I did. My legs were so dead after I could barely walk home. I don’t want that on the big day. On the big day, after I’ve run the 10k, I want to walk around London with my friends, family and work mates, no limping allowed!

So now you’ve read about my latest running achievements, open your purse strings and sponsor me :)! I promise my running career, if you can call it that, won’t get any better than this. 2 big runs in 2 days!?! Never again. Especially since I think I’ve broken my right foot. So please go to the NCB staff fundraising page, read all the comments, notice I don’t have any, take pity on me, and then donate a few pounds. Nothing huge, you needn’t compete with Hilary, she’s the chief exec after all. But try and give the equivalent of one cup of coffee, that you’d buy from an over-priced chain, that takes up every street corner, and when you experience your coffee levels plummet think of me running through thigh pain, swallowing flies, avoiding cyclists, bleeding from my toes, and the great work that you’d be helping the National Children’s Bureau do! THANK YOU in advance!!