This evening I went for a 5 mile run. Here are my observations:


I didn’t take any technology with me – not even my stop watch! I had planned to leave my phone, no question, as the last time I took it, it bounced in my pocket the whole time. However, I had planned to take my stop watch. I just couldn’t find it! I must admit the thought of running without a watch seemed impossible. I had never done it before. How would I measure time! Measuring time was important as from the very start, running has been about time, what with the programme and all.

As I was walking to the canal and thinking about starting my run, I realised I wouldn’t encounter the technology stumble at the start. The moments I have to spend switching on my running app or starting my stop watch, neither of which are humongous time consumers, but neither-the-less interrupt the flow of running. I was literally going to walk to the canal path and start running in a split second rather than 30 (like I said not a huge time consumer but a floooow interruption). In sum, I enjoyed running with out a watch.

The hardest part is going out

I’ve just realised this isn’t news. It’s practically plagiarism. But during the run when it dawned on me it felt like a realisation/enlightenment/revelation/light bulb moment/ an aha moment (that’s for the Oprah fans)/you get the idea.

‘The first step is the hardest’ jargon has been floating around for generations. But tonight I realised the hardest part of running is the first part. Before I started running this evening I had planned to run 5 miles. But as soon as I started running I didn’t want to run 5 miles! I worried I wouldn’t make it back. That I would have to walk home, which would take a long time, which in turn would kill my evening. I started to think about shorter routes. But I kept on and made it to the half way mark. And once there I felt good. I had made it! And I still had enough energy to run home. I noticed on my way home it was easier. I knew I could make it back. So now I know to ignore the negative thoughts at the start. I can push through them!

Two aha moments in one run is plenty

That’s it. I’m out of aha moments. The run was good. My knees hurt afterwards. But I wasn’t too in pain/tired to stretch. Which says something. Usually I don’t stretch until 15-20 minutes later. But tonight I stretched immediately after stopping.

Thank you

An enormous thank you to the friends who have sponsored me. It is so kind and made me feel over the moon with joy. Thank you :)!!


I Googled the phrases ‘lonely phone’ and ‘lonely watch’ to source an image which would matched my first aha moment. Instead I found this picture and my heart stopped, fell in love and promised to buy 7 different colours of hair dye. So wala! You have a rainbow plait rather than a depressed watch/phone. Image from here.

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