Sunday to Sunday I have run 18 miles. I ran 5 miles on three days (Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday) and then 3 miles today (Sunday). The 5 mile runs took me one hour and the 3 mile run took me about 25 minutes. I haven’t been tempted to run more than 5 miles. In fact as soon as I started the third 5 mile run I thought to myself  ‘I don’t want to run!’ but I managed to push through.

Today I only did 3 miles. I didn’t try to push any further, mainly because I thought I had good reason. I could feel my body was tired. I moved house on Friday and did a rehearsal on Saturday and Sunday. To make up for it I ran faster and at the very end did a few sprints. I’ve read you should change up your distances and speed to improve your pace. Until this evening I haven’t run fast before. It was lots of fun!! It was tiring but I felt like a cheetah! Stretching my legs out, making massive strides and springing over the ground. I will do it more often now!

So a week today I do the 10k. I’m a bit nervous. Mainly because of the crowds. There’s going to be 25,00 runners! I’m worried people will get in my way. You know how I feel about cyclists (and here) an other canal path users.

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me. It is really really kind of you. Anyone else who wants to sponsor me visit here. Thank you 🙂