Who knew a poorly designed sports bra would prove more troublesome than inappropriate footwear. I’ve run in these and experienced less frustration for goodness sake!

Well this evening I was planning to do my last run before the big day aka Sunday 8th July aka this Sunday aka three days time!

The good

My favourite sports bra, which I can neither remember when or where I got it from, was in the wash.

The bad

So I looked for my second favourite bra. I got it from Primark, which instantly denounced it the backup bra, unless it could prove otherwise. It never has. But nonetheless I was dismayed it was AWOL.

The ugly

So, I had to wear my third favourite sports bra. And to be honest I say sports bra lightly. I think the only sporty thing about it is that I bought it from Sports Direct.

Never again

From the moment I started running ridiculously-distracting and worrying amounts of boob movage took place. The moral of the story – only wear your good sports bra.

A good carpenter never blames his tools

Thank god I’m not a carpenter! Part of me felt like I could have kept running, the other part felt as though everyone I passed could see the spectacle and that I would get a black eye and/or break a rib. So I stopped running after a few minutes. Instead I opted for walking. It meant I could absorb the canal’s beauty in more detail and less bounce. In particular I noticed just how many bottles, crisp packets and plastic bags the ducks share the water with.

It will be alright on the night

Regardless of my failed run tonight I feel prepared. I have done 10K before, I ran 9.6k this week, and last week I ran 5 miles three times.

All I have to say is 14 weeks ago I took up running. I didn’t envisage running going this well. At first I hated it and found it really difficult. Now I enjoy it and am looking forward to my first running event this Sunday. In sum, running is easy. Just joking. It isn’t. But it is possible.

Every penny counts!

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Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica.