I started running in March and stopped in July. At least I thought I had. It turns out despite reaching my goal of completing a 10K, and not dying in the process, people thought I would keep running. In part, it’s my own fault. I told them I enjoyed it and that I would carry on doing it.

You see, that’s where I went wrong. People believe what I say. They don’t allow for me to change my mind. Which I do a lot. An awful lot. Especially, when we’re talking about exercise – the activity in direct competition with laziness, my main hobby.

So here we are. Blog re-activated and my chest in pain. I’ve been on a run. A 23 minute run to be precise. It’s October, note 2 months since July, and I’ve knocked a 23 minute run out like nobody’s business. I know what you’re thinking ‘Oh yeah! She’s good, she’s not lost her touch’. And you’re a third right.

It seems 2 months isn’t enough time to reverse the achievements of 14 weeks training. However, in July when I stopped running, I could run for 72 minutes without stopping. So 23 minutes is about 1/3 of that. But I didn’t aim for greatness today. I eased myself back into running. Because, you see, 99% of running is mind over matter.

Between today and July I could have squeezed in a run. But I didn’t. My mind wasn’t ready. Today I was ready. I did a dance class, I had a motivating chat with a friend, and I bought a book called ‘Run fat B*tch run’.


  • Dance class helped because it meant I was already wearing clothes I could run in, so no extra effort was needed. Perfect!
  • Talking to a friend helped because we talked about running and I said I would start running again soon. Never underestimate the power of guilt.
  • The book: I opened the book read the first page and thought ‘let’s go for a run, it’s easier than reading this’. It’s truly the best £2 I’ve ever spent. I don’t think I’ll bother reading it now, because it’s already worked! Haha!

So here’s lesson 1 and 2 of quitting running:

  1. If you tell people you run they’ll keep asking you about your running.
  2. Your body remembers how to run even after a few months.

And here are some thoughts from my run tonight:

  • Just as I was about to start running I looked at my stop watch and jokingly thought ‘it’s been so long I probably can’t remember how to use this’ and I couldn’t …… it was embarrassing.
  • It took me a few minutes to get used to running in public in front of PEOPLE, scary PEOPLE, PEOPLE who probably thought I looked stupid. Yeah, I got over that after about 3 minutes. Life’s too short.
  • My running clock is off. When I thought I had been running for 4 minutes, I had actually only been running for 2! And when I thought I had been running for 10 minutes, I had only been running for 7! Not cool!
  • Unlike March through to July there is no sunshine after 6pm. Sad face.
  • My body felt weird. It moves differently when running, as did my clothes, and my pony tail. I just had to accept it.
  • Once it was all over I felt great. Tired, but great. I recommend that you quit something, think you’ve forgotten how to do it, start doing it again after a few months off, realise you can still do it, and feel great about yourself! Yay!

Until the next time I think going for a run is a good idea…… Peace 😀