Believe it or not but sitting on your butt typing can save your life. As noted in Women’s Running magazine, which my housemate subscribes to – so I get to read for free (!), Danish researchers found running can extend your life by 5.6 years. Now, I didn’t get the opportunity to feed my experiences into this research, but I can prove blogging helps you run further, and therefore live even longer. Here’s my evidence:

1. Time warp
When I’m running I think about what I’m going to write in my blog when I get home. Usually, I make myself laugh. I think of funny titles and jokes I can write. When I do this time flies, well at least it seems too. Let’s not kid ourselves here time will never fly when you’re running, but it certainly goes by a little quicker than you expect when you think about blogging.

Example: Today, I was thinking about blogging and then stopped to guess how long I’d been running for. I thought I’d been running for about 7 minutes. I took a look at my watch and it actually said 11 minutes. Awesome!

2. Distraction
Most importantly, thinking about blogging means I’m not thinking about running, more specifically the pain I’m experiencing in my lungs/legs/feet/shoulders/ankles/tummy/ you name it. Basically, it’s a great distraction. The less time I spend thinking about the things I don’t like about running, the less likely I am to stop running at the first opportunity I get.

Example: Today,  at around 17 minutes into my run I felt dead and wanted to stop. I had been thinking about how wet my trousers and trainers were getting, and how uncomfortably hot my upper body was due to wearing a cagoule. So I started to think about what lessons I had learnt from the run that I could blog about, e.g. if you blow your nose in the rain, be prepared to get tissue stuck all over you face. With blogging on my mind, I managed to fight the dead feeling and knocked out a 30 minute run in total! My longest run this week.

3. The Audience
It’s nice to have friends/family/colleagues/other runners/internet weirdoes read your blog. My favourite moments are when I hear my blog has encouraged someone to start running or taught them something they didn’t know (runners trots anyone?). And who doesn’t love receiving some love? It’s lovely hearing feedback whether it’s face-to-face, a wall post on Facebook, an email, or in the blog comments. Also, as noted in my post on Sunday, if you tell people you run they’ll keeping asking you about it! So you’ve got to keep running in order to have something to tell them or you’ve got to get the guts to tell them you’ve quit, them give you a sympathetic smile, all the while their face saying “by looking at you, you shouldn’t have”!

Example: Yesterday, I wrote a blog post and WordPress automatically tweeted the link to it from my Twitter account (@LetticeWigby). Today, two colleagues thought my tweet about running meant I had signed up to do the Brighton half marathon through work. Um….. Ah…..Well……. Um…… Okay…… Not really…. Uh…. Ok, I’ll run a half marathon in February! Yikes! Crazy!

This just in – Twitter ruins a life
My life is officially over! Winter training anyone? This means I have to run in the dark! It gets dark before I leave work when daylight savings kick in. I was am was am scared of the dark! How will I survive? And don’t say run in the morning! I’m not waking up 1 minute before the last minute I can wake up and still-be-on-time-for-work-minute. That’s my favourite minute! I ❤ last minute.*

Don’t just run – blog about it! And let WordPress inform the Twitterverse; you’ll never know what will come from it.

*The last three lines are worthy of blog award nomination, surely? That was poetry about minutes. Minute poetry. Genius.

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