Find out who I met last week under the cut!

I went for a 30 minute run tonight. I feel great; 1 hour later! At the time my lungs really hurt. I blame the cold air; I’m not used to it; I haven’t done a long run since the summer. Well; I think I’ve abused enough semi colons for now; watch my video update; now I;m just taking the p;ss.

Bonus photo: me and Hello Kitty (in cake form) meet!

I met Hello Kitty (in cake form)! Yay!

This has nothing to do with running I was uploading photos and forgot I had had this incredible experience, and I realised I must, just must, share it with the world! If you want one ask Santa or visit the corner bakery in China Town, London.

Review of Hello Kitty cake (HKC) = 11 out of 10 stars. HKC was both delicious and stunningly beautiful.

P.S In the video I forgot to mention another benefit of having a running buddy:

Mid-run my running buddy suggested an extension to our route. I thought there was no way I’d make it. Short story; I did. Finding out I could do something that I didn’t think I could was really rewarding. I realise this isn’t ground breaking, nor is it rocket science, but when your DNA is lazy it’s a mile stone. I would have never voluntarily added on the extra distance but I survived it! Yay for running buddies!