Ouch, it’s only 8.30pm but I want to go to bed. I hurt all over. I ran yesterday and today, and I did a 1.5 hour dance class today. Pass me the number of a masseuse and some sympathy. I want to cry.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, there are no lights working on the ground floor of our house. My room, and most importantly, the kitchen are located on the ground floor. Pass me a tissue; my eyes are starting to well.

To be honest the worst pain is my feet. Everything else I can cope with. I have even been cooking in the dark; quiche by candle light anyone? One of my room mates said it was romantic. I think it’s more Victorian but potato potato.

quiche by candle light

The solution to all my troubles; borrow a room mate’s lamp and blare some music. Nice.

Just realised this is a running blog not a moan blog. So below is a video of me running today and a video of me making banana milkshake which I drink after running.