View from my new home; the stage.
View from my new home; the stage. (Photo by @mykreeve)

I heard a rock star (god knows who) sometime (too long ago to remember) somewhere (TV show – I remember that much) say that after shows he’s too pumped to go to bed. Enter drugs and groupies. Now, I don’t have a tour bus or a hotel room to retire to, nor do I have a security guard to score some coke from, but I just ate a pizza way after dinner time and I don’t feel like going to bed, despite it being way past my bed time. Is that rock ‘n’ roll enough? If I told you I also ate a handful of Mini Cadbury’s Cream Eggs, do I get a key to the city?

The buzz*1

I attend a dance class for people who were volunteers during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The class is called P.O.D. or Post Olympic Dance class for long*2. Every so often we get the opportunity to perform for an audience. Our first performance was on Regent Street with the band McFly. It was a great day from start to finish. Our second performance was yesterday (Sunday 10th February) on stage in Trafalgar Square for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Again it was an amazing day from start to finish. Our third performance was today (Monday 11th February) on stage at the Lyceum Theatre for another Chinese New Year celebration. Again it was amazing from start to finish. But it hasn’t finished, or has it? (That tag question is supposed to make you continue reading, so don’t stop now!).


It doesn’t end when you bow, when you walk off stage, when you swap stories with fellow performers, when you collect your bag, when you thank the organisers, when you leave the venue, when you get the bus home, when you’re in the kitchen freezing cold typing up memories so you don’t forget them.*3

Adrenalin doesn’t know when to take a bow*4

Yesterday, for the first time I understood what the word ‘adrenaline’ meant. We had three dance slots at the Trafalgar Square show. The weather was crappy so I put my name down for the first show at 3.30pm. My plan was to dance and then go home. From the moment I entered the backstage area I was excited*5. So imagine how I felt coming off stage having performed? Yeah, I wasn’t going home. Adrenaline had arrived. I was just so pumped. Needless to say I stayed until 6pm and did the remaining two shows at 4.30pm and 5.30pm. I had a blast, and that is putting it mild, korma mild.

I’d insert a punny sub-heading here my brain has gone blank which is a shame as I had another Pulitzer joke lined up.*6

Um, the problem with this sub-heading is I don’t know what to write about in this paragraph. You see these are as much for you as they are for me! Meh, basically long-blog-post-slightly-shorter I want to tell you that adrenalin hangs around long after you’ve finished performing. And even though it’s bed time and you know that to avoid feeling like crap tomorrow you should go to sleep you can’t. You’re to mofo (please don’t Google that Grandma) happy.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Ok, I’m back on track folks. I’ve remembered what I wanted to say. I was so excited when I got home that I interrupted my housemate watching TV and proceeded to tell her about my whole P.O.D. weekend, phoned my mum knowing she was probably in bed so I could tell her about my whole weekend too, ate pizza, tweeted, wrote this blog…blah blah adrenalin rush blah… you get the point.

Fuck careers advisors

Why did my careers advisor fail to advise me to be a performer? Um, hello I’ve never got an adrenalin rush from hydrology, geomorphology, quaternary environments or climate change (this is like playing ‘guess the degree’ or something, isn’t it? Answer at the bottom)*7.


Ok it does end. About 2.5 hours after you come off stage. It’s now 12.57am and we ended at 9.30pm. Can you do the math for me please?*8

Love you lots like jelly tots.


The dancing Geographer*9

p.s Video time

Here is a video from the 5.30pm show in Trafalgar Square yesterday. You can see me dancing on stage. I’m the first person on the right, in a blue t-shirt.


*1 I’m making a random sub heading to make this sound interesting and cool and to disguise my jumpy writing style. A teacher once told me I wrote like a machine gun – bang bang bang. Yeah, she wasn’t my favourite.

*2 See what I did there? I turned a well known phrase on its head. Hashtag genius (this is a reference to Viva Forever. Go see it if you ever loved the Spice Girls).

*3 I’m ending this paragraph here because let’s face it, I couldn’t get any more fucking poetic than that. I mean hand me the Pulitzer prize now.

*4 I’ll come up and collect my second Pulitzer award, shall I?

* 5Lame alert.

*6 Heck, punny sub-title or not I’m not passing up the opportunity to tell a joke. It was along the lines of “shall I just stay on stage as most of these are for me?”.

*7 I studied Geography.

*8 Now it’s your turn to put the answer at the bottom.

*9 Ok, now that is seriously the lamest thing I have ever typed in my life. I’m so ashamed I almost deleted it.