I haven’t run in weeks. There has been snow, dark evenings, back pain, a cold and a Skype interview. I guess that can all be summarised as life, and life has the habit of getting in the way of running. Anywho, I’m back and I’ve only got 35 days until the Bupa 10,000.

I spoke to a friend of Thursday. She has experience of doing a 10k with little training. I asked her how it went. It didn’t go well. That is 1 reason to start training now and it’s all the reason I need.

Luckily for me Bupa isn’t my first 10k. I did the British London 10k last July in 72 minutes. Now, I haven’t religiously kept running since then because life keeps getting in the way, but I’ve knocked out the odd 20 minute run here and there, and I regularly attend dance classes.

Today I set myself the goal of running for 30 minutes. I managed 35 minutes. I felt dead at the end but also pleased. I’ve only got to double that to complete Bupa. Here goes nothing!!

That’s all folks!