Today I got serious about training for Bupa 10,000. The run is a 10k on Monday 27th May in central London. I don’t have long, yet the course is long, so I can no longer dilly-dally about.

I have written 12 training runs in my diary, in red ink no less, between today and the run. I’m hoping to be able to run for 70 minutes straight by the twelfth training run. This is because I want to complete Bupa 10,000 in 70 minutes. I completed my first 10k, in July 2012, in 72 minutes.

Tonight’s run didn’t go well. Watch the video to find out why.

In addition to planning my future training runs I have also stopped dance classes until June. Those who know me well know I LOVE LOVE LOVE dance class, so it was a really difficult decision. But doing dance classes and running training started to hurt my back so I have to stop dancing until June. #tear

Anyway other than that the only other thing I want to say is – how red did my face look after the run! #damn I don’t remember my face getting that red before. Anyone know what it might be?

Oh last thing, here is my sponsorship link. If you would like to donate it would be FANTASTIC.

Love you lots like jelly tots 😀