Today I tried something new – sprinting. I was talking to a runner yesterday and they mentioned Fartlek. In the video below I talk about how it went. Just so you know I didn’t Google Fartlek until after the run – apparently Fartlek is meant to last 45 minutes – lol.

It occurred to me today, on the last run I went on, and lies behind a lot of my anxiety about pushing myself, that I’m not very safe. When I go out for a run I don’t take my phone, or tell anyone where I am going or when to expect me back by. As a result I never push myself to hard as I worry I might not be able to get home. Long story short – I need to address this. I need to tell someone where I’m going and when to expect me back, or to suck it up, carry the extra weight and take my phone. Today, I felt like I had undiagnosed Ashma and nearly had a panick attack. Not cool. What is cool is donating to charity:

Thanks for reading/watching .

Peace & have a great Sunday 😀