WooHoo I did it! YAY!!!! Double Yay!! Big Yay!!!!!! Today I completed Bupa 10,000 in London. Leading up to this run has been a bit of a mental struggle but I got there in the end! I’m super pleased I ran the whole course without stopping and afterwards I had a lovely picnic with some friends who also ran. Vlog with all the deets below, and a bonus video of me performing in the opening ceremony of the UEFA Champions League final on Saturday. So cancel your plans for this evening and grab a bowl of popcorn!

The sound is not working in the vlog- sorry technical difficulties :/

Here are the highlights –

  • It went very well. I was worried it wouldn’t as I haven’t run in two weeks and I haven’t run for more than 40 minutes since last Summer! Also I read in the pack that if you’ve had a cold in the last four weeks you shouldn’t participate. Um…… I’m just getting to the end of a cold. Ooops!
  • I ran the whole course without stopping!
  • My time is approx 72 minutes. Exactly the same as last year! I was hoping for a few minutes less but ah well!
  • The weather was so hot! But it was nice for the picnic afterwards.
  • I loved seeing all the charities there. Lots of people running for lots of great causes!
  • The course was ace. I loved all the landmarks.
  • I felt good about running. Sometimes I have negative thoughts like; I want to stop, Kill me now, why am I running?, but I never got that.
  • I started to feel really tired around the 8K mark.
  • I managed to pick my pace up for the last 200m. I wouldn’t say I sprinted but I certainly got faster!
  • The event was well organised.
  • My trousers kept slipping down.
  • I was so hungry afterwards! I hadn’t had breakfast and my god does running a 10k make you hungry. Thankfully there was loads of food in the goody bag.
  • I had a bit of a panic in the morning when I left the house at 9am instead of arriving at 9am! I totally got my alarm clock wrong. Thankfully I arrived at 9.25am for the 10am start.
  • I was dead at the end. I could barely move. And I still feel dead. Dead!
  • I really appreciated all of the supporters along the course. The shout outs and music was much appreciated. And the slow claps from volunteers who had been standing there for hours made me laugh.

For those who can lip read here’s the vlog:

Here’s the UEFA Champions League opening  ceremony. You can see me from 3 mins 12 seconds.

Last, Bupa is one of two runs I’m doing this year on behalf of the National Children’s Bureau (NCB). I hope to raise £450. If you would like to donate that would be amazing 🙂 Here’s the link to my fundraising page: