Today I participated in The National Lottery Anniversary Run. It was a 5 mile run in the Olympic Park, which finished inside the Olympic Stadium. It was the first event to be held inside the stadium since the Paralympics closing ceremony. As I was in the Paralympics closing ceremony and I ran today I was one of the Last Out and First In, or as I like to call it LOFI 🙂 The rights to LOFI belong to Helen, a fellow Paralympics closing ceremony volunteer, who said it today as we were walking to the start line. You can see my photographic evidence of LOFI below.

Last Out: me at the end of the Paralympics closing ceremony.
Last Out: me at the end of the Paralympics closing ceremony.
First In: me at the stadium today.
First In: me at the stadium today.

“Awesome stories and awesome memories come from doing awesome things.”

– Someone on Facebook

Participating in the Olympic and Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies was an “awesome thing” and despite being over ten months ago they still provide me with “awesome stories” and “awesome memories”, such as today. Even though I didn’t have the greatest start to my day today, it turned awesome pretty quickly.

My day started with my mum saying she could no longer attend and my nearest train station being closed for engineering works; resulting in me having to walk 20 minutes to the next one. However, once I finally arrived at the Olympic Park I bumped into Olympic friends within 5 minutes = awesome. In fact, all day long I bumped into Olympic friends and even made new ones = double awesome.

“How Ya Doin’?”

– Little Mix

In addition to running on the track inside the stadium, the organisers threw together a little entertainment. Entertainment that included Little Mix. Little Mix won X-Factor a few years ago and since then they have been producing awesome pop songs that I love dancing too. Take “How ya doin’?” for example, it’s physically impossible not to bust a move when that songs plays – except for the part when Missy Elliot provides a PG rap – rap is wrong when it’s suitable for people aged under 18.

Anyway, discovering Little Mix were on the programme at 11.45am encouraged me to run my best. I didn’t want to miss their set. I was in the Pink group and we were scheduled to start running at 10.30am, which meant if I repeated last week’s performance I would miss Little Mix. So, with this in mind two days before the run I pulled my shit together; I ate right, rested and I’d like to say “fit in a training run” but that never happened. Thankfully though pulling my shit together, even for just two days, worked and as a result I completed the run in 58 minutes 26 seconds. WOOHOO! So in response to Little Mix’s “How Ya Doin’?” I’m doing frickin’ awesome thanks.

The run itself went fine. Obviously, I could have trained more, today was only my second run since May,  but I ran the whole thing without stopping, which made up for last week. I was thinking of running slow for the first 3 miles and fast for the last 2 but that soon went out the window. By mile 2 I was feeling it and I really had to dig deep during miles 3, 4 and 5 – so basically most of the run!

My favourite parts of the course were passing the stage I performed on last Friday with the Pandemonium drummers [watch our performance here], seeing a lady named Sarah who was head of casting for the Olympics, the mist shower at mile 3 and the springiness of the stadium’s running track. My least favourite parts were the narrowness of the course at some points, which meant there wasn’t much room to run, and running under the stadium for what felt like forever.

The rest of the day was awesome. After finishing I grabbed a goody bag as quickly as possible and then ran to the seating area to catch the start of Little Mix’s set. At the same time I bumped into loads of Olympics friends. I danced to Little Mix in between talking and taking photos.

One of said photos.
One of said photos.

Whilst most of my friends went to lunch I decided to stay to catch the rest of the entertainment. Whilst talking to someone a friend tapped me on the shoulder and said “Little Mix” I turned to see what they were talking about AND THERE WAS LITTLE MIX WALKING RIGHT BEHIND US = AWESOME. So my friend and I ran to catch up with them. Once we caught up with them I just said to them how awesome I thought they were and how I ran my best to make sure I saw them. TOTALLY GEEKY but Perry replied sweetly to me.

Then I watch the 2 mile family run which started at 12.30pm. You don’t know how cute it is to see little kids run, cartwheel and even sulk around a running track. Believe me it was adorable. After all that I went to join my buddies for lunch and then visited Heaven-in-shop-format aka Forever 21.

Anyway, essay over. Thank you all for your support and comments on my running and the blog. My next challenge is a half marathon in October. I will not/must not/ can not take my training for that event for granted. I will have to train my butt off, for that to be anything other than horribly painful, so expect regular blog posts.

Peace xxx

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