I do all my running down Regent’s Canal. It’s great. There’s wildlife, water  and no roads to cross. However, it’s becoming increasingly less great. The sun is giving up on the Northern hemisphere and focusing on the Southern side.

Damn the Earth’s rotation around the sun. I appreciate long summer evenings for my running. I like to be able to see if there’s a cyclist, pile of dog poop or mugger along the path. But alas now I need a new running system.

So far I have:

  • Run earlier. Usually I like to laze around after work for at least 2 hours before I  even think about going for a run. Well that sure ain’t happenin’ no mo’. Now I have to fight* to start my runs by 6.30pm.
  • Shorten my runs. As there is less light I have less time to run along the canal because I sure as hell don’t fancy mingling with the types of people who populate canals at night….. I like my kidneys…… inside my body.

* I fight my iPod charger to charge faster, my disdain for warming up and tasks that prevent me from leaving work on time.

What I’m thinking of:

  • Running in the morning. Some runners wake up at 4am to fit their runs in. I will try it once. Mainly just so I can blog about it. It won’t be at 4am though. More like 7am.
  • Changing my route. I need to find somewhere else to run or start on the canal and then finish somewhere else. Whilst there is still some light left in the evenings I will start on the canal and then run along small roads. When the light is completely gone I guess I will be restricted to just small roads. Tear.
  • Alternative light source. I saw a runner wearing a head torch. I’d use mine but it’s in Wales, and my mum refuse to go in the loft to get it because of spiders. I’d buy another one, but it’s probably cheaper to just buy a bike light and clip it on my t-shirt collar. Or is that ridiculous? Will people just think I’m a really high bike? Do they sell front and back lights separately? Or should I wear the white one on the front and the red one on the back?

What I’m not thinking of:

  • Running at lunch time. Been there, done that, didn’t like it.
  • Running along main roads. Been there, done that, didn’t like it (there’s no blog post to link to. You’re just going to have to believe me).
  • Joining a running group. Whilst there is safety in numbers there is also annoyingness. I like to avoid annoyingness so I will refrain from running with others.
  • Reflective clothing. I’ve got enough running clothing. Some bits of it reflect. But I’m not buying anymore until it wears out. There’s a price on safety and it’s pretty low.