cupcakeI’ve been trying to write this blog post since Saturday afternoon. Not getting it done until now has been really frustrating. The delay hasn’t been caused by writers block, a jam packed social life or work commitments. No, the culprit has been physical weakness. It seems running 10.5 miles tires you out a bit. Who knew?


Too weak to type

I napped like a three year old on Saturday AND Sunday. AND to top it all off – I went to bed on both nights by 11pm. Not cool running, not cool! Also, my choice in activities both evenings was weak. I could have gone to the cinema and gone to a street/folk dance event. but instead I read a book. #Sigh

The whole picture

Ok, so perhaps after running on Saturday I walked 30 minutes to dance rehearsal. Had dance rehearsal for 2 hours. Walked 30 minutes to Trafalgar Square. Participated in a flash mobbed for a bit. Walked home  for 45 minutes.

And perhaps, on Sunday I walked 45 minutes to dance class. Danced to Chicago for 1.5 hours (All That Jazz). Walked 45 minutes home.

But still, I usually do lots of running and walking at the weekends.  So, I’m not too sure how much I like this long distance running business. Because napping isn’t really acceptable if you’re over 5 years old, Is it?

Now.. back to the run

I woke up at 7.14am. The following 10 minutes were spent fighting the urge to go back to bed. Then I drank a glass of water and ate pita bread a cheese – it’s all I had. I wanted scrambled eggs but I had neither milk nor eggs = slight problem. At least the pita was wholemeal so it would slowly release energy. Then I had to wait an hour to avoid the possibility of getting runners trots.

I finally set off at 8.45am. Early on in the run I had doubts about whether I’d be successful or not. I checked my watch at 1 minute in = not a good sign!

My fears included energy and water. Would pita bread and brie last me two hours, and could I run without having water on me? – I can’t be bothered to carry it. I like to think if I was desperate I could drink from the canal without contracting anything deadly. My confidence was further knocked every time a runner passed me – and let’s not mention the power walker that I couldn’t catch up with! I also spent much of the run fretting over whether or not to have a walking break, and if so when and for how long.

Eventually, about 50 minutes in, I had an Oprah Ah-Ha moment. I could continue the mental fight with myself for the next 70 minutes or just enjoy the run. So I did my best to stop the negative thoughts. Why bother running if I’m not enjoying it?

Good question – why bother running?

It felt SO good when my watch said two hours. I kept running for another 30 seconds and just let it sink in that I’d been running for two hours nonstop. #lush #achievement

Reasons not to bother running

Little did I know of the pain just around the corner. The second I stopped running my knees started killing me. Absolutely, killing me. Here are the thoughts that went through my head after I finished the run:

I’d be in less pain if I cut both my legs off with a spoon.

 There isn’t enough chocolate milk in the world to help me right now.

My legs haven’t hated me this much since I forgot to stretch after walking 13 miles for my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

I’m in paaaaaaaaaaaain.

Thankfully the pain subsided after 5 minutes. However, my legs ached for the next two days.

In sum

Run but make it an enjoyable experience. Don’t spend the whole run criticising yourself or being negative about stuff. You’re not running too slow, you’re not going to die, your running outfit isn’t ‘not cool enough’, you don’t look stupid, you won’t get attacked by a dog, etc etc.

Video time!

Now, on a totally different topic watch this awesome, wicked, cool, 6 year old dance. She is a-mazing!

Photo time!

I went to an event by Sound Delivery called #Soundtalks. Gideon Burrows talked about blogging. He gave fantastic advice. I will try some of it out, but on a yummy-er note check out the YouTube cupcake above! The event was held at Google London. The cupcake was out of this world. The icing was delicious. So yummy.