After Sunday’s anvil esq. swim I knew I had to get back in the pool ASAP. So on Tuesday I went for my second training swim. 

My friend Kathleen told me about Better leisure centres. Better leisure centres are all across London and have good prices. After some research I decided they were the best option for me. I could use up to 65 pools across London, including one that is 10 minutes from my work place and the one I went to with Louise on Sunday.


My plan is to swim after work 3 to 4 times a week and then on Sunday’s with Louise. I might swim on Saturdays but it depends on what I’m doing and how easy it is to get to a pool.

Tuesday’s swim

I swam at the pool near where I work. It’s very nice as it recently underwent maintenance. My only complaint would be that the computer they encourage you to use to register for membership on was in the middle of the reception area where other people could see the screen. I felt this could have potential exposed my personal data (home address, bank details, DOB) to people who walked by.

The swim

I hadn’t had the time to look up a training programme yet so I was free styling. My only aim was to do better than last time. I did:

  • 10 breast stroke (easing myself in)
  • 10 front crawl
  • 6 breast stroke
  • 6 front crawl
  • 4 breast stroke
  • 4 front crawl
  • 2 legs with floats (paiiiiiiin – my legs were not happy with this at all)

In all it took me 45 minutes.

Being near 6pm the pool was busy but not so busy as to give up hope of swimming without someone’s crotch in my face or someone hitting me with their flailing limbs.

The pool was more heavily chlorinated than the pool I visited on Sunday but I soon got used to it. I will however need to start moisturising a lot more as chlorine really dries my skin.

Swimming is thirsty work and I took Louise’s advice to keep a water bottle beside the pool but I think I drank too much. I did feel a bit sick at one point.


It’s worth listening out for swimming teachers giving tips to their students. I overheard a teacher explain about breathing technique for front crawl and hand movements for breast stroke. The breathing technique nearly killed me – one breath every six strokes – but it gives me something to work on. Currently I do one breath every 3 strokes. #poorlungcapacity

My next swim is Thursday. Wish me luck!