On Thursday, after work and before choir practice, I went for my third training swim. I left work dead on 5pm and was in the pool at 5.20pm #awesome.

For the first time I remembered my flip flops. No verrucas here baby.

The pool was surprisingly quite. I started with front crawl to get it out the way before the crowds appeared. I knocked 24 lengths out in 25 minutes. I couldn’t do anymore as it was really tiring. As I moved onto breast stroke the pool got busier. I had to dodge old people, kids, people chatting at the ends and a guy practising treading water. Despite the obstacles I knocked out 24 lengths. Then I threw in 1 more front crawl, 1 more breast stroke and 6 legs with float. In all it took me 50 minutes.

Decathlon here I come

I’m going to need to invest in a swimming hat as I can’t bare washing my hair almost everyday. It takes forever and then I have to spend time drying it too. However, one reason not to get a swimming hat is that the chlorine is lightening my hair. I will always welcome a free colour treatment baby. I also need to buy earplugs as my right ear likes to play hid and seek with water.

You do what before swimming!?!

After swimming I had a short break and then headed to choir. At choir a friend called Vicky mentioned warming up before swimming. It had never crossed my mind to warm up before swimming. In my 27 years I have never seen anyone warm up before getting into the pool. It makes sense. I warm up before dancing and running. My lack of warming up pre-pool may explain the pain I felt in my shoulders doing the breast stroke. I will warm up before my next swim.

Crabs ❤ water

After my last swim I realised that I’m lucky because I enjoy swimming and always have. Enjoying swimming means it doesn’t take me a lot of mental power to get myself into the pool. Running, whilst I like it, often requires lots of mental power to get myself to go out for a run, which is weird as running is less hassle than swimming. Running is not as expensive (pool membership, shampoo and conditioner budget) or equipment demanding (flip flops, towel, hat, ear plugs) or time consuming (hair washing, brushing, drying, styling) as swimming. Maybe I love swimming so much because I’m a water sign.

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