I remembered to stretch before swimming! (Photo courtesy of Andrew Forey, Legacy Project)
I remembered to stretch before swimming! Yay! (Photo courtesy of Andrew Forey, The Legacy Project 2012.)

Mistakenly I went for a swim on Friday 7th Feb after having swam on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. It seems you can over-swim. Darn it!

Between now and the swimathon I want to fit in as many swims as possible. I feel as though I am behind in my training and want to catch up. There are only six weeks to go so I want to be in the pool at every opportunity.

Friday’s swim

As I explained in my last post I enjoy swimming so I was looking forward to going after work on Friday. Pretty soon after getting in the pool I felt physically tired. It wasn’t helped by the fact that the pool was busy making lane swimming a chore and that I had been reading some material on correct technique which made me over-think every stroke I made. In the end I managed to do 20 breast stroke and 6 front crawl before getting out.

The day after the night before

Despite stretching before Friday’s swim my body ached a lot on Saturday. So much so I went out and bought bath salts that help relax muscles. I also cancelled my plans to swim on Saturday. I had to listen to my body and take it easy.

Why am I doing this to myself?

All this pain is worth it though. Comic Relief, who run Sport Relief, do amazing work in the UK and abroad. To inspire me to train I did some research on where the money I fundraise will go to. One of the Comic Relief videos made me cry. Watch it below. If you would like to make a donation to Comic Relief that would be absolutely amazing. I am going to increase my fundraising effort by 200% because the money goes to such good causes at home and overseas.