Woohoo! On Sunday I had my best training swim to date. I swam over 2,000 metres!


I wasn’t planning to swim that far. I knew I had dance class before going to the pool. Dance class was afrobeat for 1.5 hours. But instead of leaving me tired it left me happy and energetic.

Louise, who’d been dancing too, and I each ate a protein bar then hit the pool.

Last week we took it easy. It was my first swim in 2 years and Louise’s second since swimming the channel last Summer. We knew, with only 6 weeks to go, there was no time to waste and that we had to do more than last Sunday; so we got on with it.

I had purchased some ear plugs and they proved to be a dream. They demanded no adjusting period; they were magic from the start. I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered them.

The swim

Sunday was my fifth training swim. This is what I did:

20 front crawl
20 breast stroke
4 legs
10 front crawl
6 legs
4 front crawl
10 backstroke

It took me 1.5 hours. I kept changing strokes to give either my legs or my arms a break. I must admit after the breast stroke my arms were killing! I need to consider arms exercises outside of the pool. However, at the same time I also need to take rest days so my muscles have time to recover between swims. #Toughbalance

The math

I did 74 lengths in a 30.5 metre pool = 2,257 awesome metres = yay!

Now, that is a little under half of 5km (5000 metres) but it’s a lot over what I expected to achieve after having had dance class beforehand and my abysmal performance on Friday.

Things are starting to look good. I will listen to the aches and pains all over my body and not venture near a pool on Monday. The soonest I will return to a pool is Tuesday if I can fit it in before choir.

This swimming stuff is #exciting.

Please sponsor me. I’m doing the swimathon for Comic Relief. Thank you.

P.S I was so tired on Sunday I was in bed by 10pm!