On Tuesday I added a swimming hat to my kit bag. Two hair style changes and four attempts later I got it on my head.

I’m not going to lie. It wasn’t easy. There was a moment when I considered asking the receptionist for help and a moment when I panicked that I needed talcum powder. But I remained calm, kept trying and eventually got it on my head by myself – for the first time ever! #Proud #BigGirlNow #LookMumNoHands*


On Tuesday afternoon we had an office tea party. There was a lot of cake. Homemade cake. Also known as unmissable cake. Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s repeatedly fail at producing cake anywhere near as good as homemade cake. So I ate a lot. #Heaven

In fact, I consumed so much sugar I think it temporarily effected my eye sight and made my eyes go blurry. It was that or the swimming.

Pool time

By the time I’d eaten seconds of my favourite cakes and thirds of my absolute favourite cakes it was gone 5pm so I didn’t get in the pool until 5.40pm. I was surprised to see that it wasn’t heaving. The usual post work cluster were absent. Thank god. Because I didn’t have much time and I had a lot of cake to burn off! The fewer swimmers – the more I can do. I had 40 mins pool time before choir. I did:

12 front crawl
10 breast stroke
10 backstroke
4 legs with floats


The hat improved my front crawl pace by making my head more efficient at cutting through the water and keeping my fringe out my mouth when I took my breaths. Other than that the hat failed me like a supermarket cake. During the backstroke I could sense something was wrong. The air bubble in my hat had gone and I could hear seeping – the seeping of water. #HotDarnIt there was something about being fully underwater that the hat didn’t like. It was something to do with the relationship between water pressure and air pockets – but that’s physics knowledge and I stopped learning that in 2002 – so I’ll move swiftly on. In summary, other than making me look like a professional swimmer when paired with my ear plugs and googles* it failed its primary job of keeping my hair dry. However, I will not let this deter me. I just won’t swim backstroke again. #GoodbyeBackstroke

Final words
Please sponsor me πŸ™‚ Comic Relief help people in the UK and overseas. #Thankyou*



* Technically hands were needed. I’m using the phrase because I walked past a shop called Look mum no hands! on my way to choir and I liked how it reminded me of when you’re a kid and the joy you experience when you can do something by yourself.

* It doesn’t take much to look professional in a pool environment.

* What do we think about hashtags outside of Twitter? #Yes or No.