Cookie monster swimming in cookie sea
Cookie monster drowning in cookie sea

I’ve emphasised the severity of Mercury retrograde in my previous blog post. As you know it plays havoc with my life and I blame it entirely for my poor diet this week.

Without doubt my diet this week would qualify me for the next season of The Biggest Loser. Despite starting each day right – with scrambled eggs or oats for breakfast – I fell victim to the biscuit tin at work every, single, damn, day this week (it’s Friday as I write this). The work biscuit tin ignited a fire inside of me that then demanded biscuits outside of work too, so I had to buy some for home! #NeverTrustBiscuits

I mention my poor diet because I felt weighed down by my tummy in Monday’s swim. Despite their size biscuits are heavy. Also, I think I’d be a much faster swimmer without the drag effect caused by my protruding tummy. Obviously I need to take action, so I’ve decided to cease working. That way I will no longer eat biscuits or have a sitcky-outy tummy. #ResignTime

The swim

I did 60 lengths. It would have been more if the cookies were single chocolate chip instead of double.

I was in the medium lane the whole time and I did exclusively front crawl. #FarewellEveryOtherStrokeKnownToManIt’sSeriousBusinessTimeNow

Below is a vlog with more details about the swim.


I really can’t stand it when the shower you have to use before you enter the pool is warmer than the pool is. #WhyDoYouBuildMeUpShowerJustToLetMeDown

After swimming for a hour or more you should not get straight out of the pool and immediately walk off. You will feel faint and walk all wobbly. #HoldYourHorsesHank

Say it with PhotoShop

I cannot believe how much money has been generously donated to my fundraising page. It is incredible and very touching. Obviously people are giving because they support the work Sport Relief does but it makes me feel very loved too.  Thank you. In addition to saying/typing thank you to each sponsors I have been using PhotoShop to add a little sparkle to my thanks. Below are the ‘thank you’ photos I have crafted so far.

For Sherrie
For Sherrie
For Mary
For Mary
For Deb and Penny
For Dan
For Dan