On Wednesday 19th February I went for my tenth training swim. To say I wasn’t keen on going swimming would be a ginormous understatement.

Just before going to the pool I posted the following update on my Facebook page (click to enlarge):


I’d had a rubbish day. Mainly because my diet and my sleep were both off kilter. I’d been sustaining myself on biscuits for days and my sleep was under 8 hours a night. #BreakOutTheViolins

These ingredients did not add up to a happy bunny. I had to bribe myself to go to the pool. I managed to negotiate a deal whereby if I went swimming I could get the tube home instead of walking.


After bribing myself to go swimming I was met by Antarctic conditions. The pool temperature was the coldest I’ve ever experienced. It explained why so few people were in the pool considering it was peak time. The temperature was so cold it took my breath away when I got in. I did one length and was breathless again. Swimming in cold water was challenging. It took me a while to get used to it. I had to breath every 3 strokes instead of every 4. Eventually I managed to complete 60 lengths. However, it took me 65 minutes when it ought to have been less than 60. The extra time illustrates my contempt for going swimming that evening.  After every couple of lengths I stopped and had a break!


At one point I felt sick and had to get out the pool. I don’t think chlorine and I get along. I never swallow pool water but it gets in my mouth and I have to rinse it out.

In summary

Other than the chlorine, the polar temperatures, and not wanting to swim in the first place, it went well! In fact, after going swimming I felt better. So much so, I was happy enough to walk home instead of getting the tube. I felt better because I had done something when I didn’t think I could and also I received notification of another kind donation to my fundraising page.

The reason behind the big chill

A few days later I was on the swimming pool website looking up opening hours and I noticed there was a warning sign alerting pool users to the cold pool temperature. Apparently something was broken and needed to be fixed. They said the pool would be fixed within a few days but it was still useable if people didn’t mind the cold. #IMind so my next swim was in a different pool, which I will tell you about in a few days.

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