£300!!!!! Thank you!
£300!!!!! Thank you!

By the time Wednesday 5th March rolled around I’d not swam in over a week. #TheShame For once it wasn’t Mercury Retrograde’s (See example 1 and 2) fault but Mother Nature’s. #CrimsonWave

To be honest I could have swam on Monday or Tuesday but I just didn’t feel like it. I was sleep deprived and experiencing muscle soreness from dance class on Sunday. I’d not been to dance class in a few weeks and the planks and press ups weren’t so familiar anymore.

My lack of swimming laid heavily on my conscious. I felt obligated to do a big swim to lessen the guilt. Finding the motivation to do a big swim wasn’t hard though. With the help of lots of amazing people I’d reached my £300 fundraising target on Tuesday night. I felt shamazing and was still on a high come Wednesday. With buckets loads of motivation annnnnnnnnnnd maybe some guilty about the sheer amount of biscuits and chocolate I’d eaten over the past week, which was fast taking the ‘looseness’ out of my loose clothing, doing a big swim was going to be easy.

The swim

To ensure I had sufficient energy to get me through a big swim I ate lots of vegetables one hour before heading to the pool. Trying to get the timing right was important as I didn’t want it to be too early – causing me to run out of steam, or too late – causing me to be weighed down. Looking back I think one hour beforehand was perfect.

I walked to the pool with a colleague whose mum lives near by. She showed me a short cut and I was in the pool by 5.20pm. I took to the water like a fish. I glidded along. It felt good. I swam in the middle speed lane until it got too busy. Then I switched to the slow speed lane. I much prefered being a fast fish in a slow pond, than a slow fish in a medium pond! The only draw back of the slow lane is that there is no one chasing me and therefore no incentive to swim faster or take fewer breaks. I go slower in the slow lane. #Slacker

I got body checked a few times. I’m borrowing the term ‘body checked‘ from Ice Hockey. Basically people kept hitting me. #NotCoolPeopleNotCool

After an hour or so I started to feel a bit sea sick. Luckily the feeling wasn’t strong but I need to watch how much water I drink during my swim and how much I rotate from side to side!


My goal was to swim 3km, my furthest to date, to celebrate reaching my £300 fundraising target. 3km in the Ironmonger Row Baths pool is 100 lengths as the pool is 30m long. It took me 1 hour and 50 minutes to complete 100 lengths.

New goal

As I was approaching 100 lengths I decided I could do more. I was slowing down but I wasn’t dead. So I swam for another 40 minutes and reached 140 lengths. Then, wanting to round it up to 150, I swam an extra 10 lengths. The last ten lengths took me 15 minutes, suggesting it was perhaps time to get out of the pool. I was starting to slow right down. No surprise really as, in total, I had swam for 2 hours and 35 minutes and covered 4.5km! #Awesome

The impact

I swam the 150 lengths in three sets of 50. By the start of the third set my legs felt very weird and I felt as though I didn’t have much control over them. I doubt they were contributing much to me propelling forward but I kept trying to use them anyway.

As soon as I finished my 150th length I jumped out of the pool. I couldn’t get out of the water quick enough. I totally ignored my previous lesson about waiting a few minutes before exiting the pool to avoid getting dizzy. Weirdly I felt ok after the swim. Somehow I’d escaped major pain and decided to walk home.

By the time I got home I felt like dying. I had a killer headache and I could barely move. So much for ‘escaping major pain’! My body hurt so much that all I could do was lie down and feel sorry for myself.  #GetTheViolinsOut In the end I felt so bad that I went to bed early. Going to bed early wasn’t all that bad though. I’d been having poor sleep for the past week so getting an early night was really appreciated.

Testing 1, 2, 3

When I was in Wales my mum gave me a nose plug. Dear God. I tried using it on Wednesday and it really really really hurt. Later, I discovered I’d put it on wrong but the emotional scarring was done, and I was never going to wear one ever again. You see, I thought it was meant to go over your nose – pinching the nostrils together – not inside your nostrils! So, imagine me trying to get this tiny little piece of plastic over my nostrils instead of inside – ouch #!@?!

Final thought…..

Be nice to people in the pool. You’ll see them in the changing room or the reception area afterwards. #Awkward

If you’d like to sponsor me that would be shamazing! My page is here. I’m 80% towards my goal.