At 9pm on Thursday 13th March, instead of going home to my comfortable bed, I boarded a coach to Glasgow. Nine hours later I alighted the coach and surprisingly, I didn’t feel like a zombie. I’d managed to squeezed in enough sleep to not want to kill anyone.

Before leaving London I made sure to do my homework and look up a swimming pool. With my research I was in a pool within 90 minutes of arriving in Glasgow. It was 7.30am. #Boss #TrainingOnTheRoad

My pool of choice was LA Fitness. It was in the heart of Glasgow and offered a really good day pass – I could use the pool, sauna, gym and attend classes for £10! #Bargain

The Loch*

The Loch was disappointingly small at only 17 metres long. However, there were few Nessie’s in it so I had a lane to myself.

I had big plans – 200 lengths – but stopped short at 160. It took me 1 hour and 25 minutes to complete and I really had to fight through the last 40. Then I treated myself to a lovely sauna.


After swimming I went shopping in Glasgow City Centre. I had a great time exploring it – Glasgow is a wonderful city. The only odity I stumbbled upon was a bunch of umbrella’s near the silver thing in the middle of this photo:

Umbrella Station
Umbrella Station (minus the umbrellas as I copied this photo off Google. I didn’t take a photo at the time. Looking back I should have. It would mean I wouldn’t have to be explaining myself right now and typing the widest parentheses known to man. #Regret)

Return to the Loch

At 12.30 I returned to LA fitness for a Body Balance class. It was described as ‘Yoga meets Pilates’, or to you and me ‘ouch meets ouch’. Being new to Yoga and Pilates I went up and introduced myself to the instructor. He was very reassuring and said I might not get it all first time, but to just do what I could. The class began innocent enough. I felt quite smug as I was managing to keep up. Then the warrior pose reared it’s ugly head. This was the point when I first looked at the clock. The class was 45 minutes long and I had 30 minutes to go! #HELP! Luckily the instructor followed taxing stretches with easier ones. So only 50% of the class was grit your teeth and pray.

#Regret 2

I took the class because I wanted to untie the knots that I’d acquired on the coach journey. Thanks to Yoga meets Pilates I came away in more pain than I started in! So, after the class I took another dip in the pool. I needed to soften the impact of the class. I did 40 lengths and then had a sauna.


So in the end I did do 200 lengths! #Yay! Which worked out as 3.4km!
Macaroni pie
Glasgow observations:
I saw 8 sexy legs sticking out of 4 kilts.
I heard lots of beautiful accents
Glaswegians are friendly. See the photo above. It was stuck to the back of a toilet door. I took a photo of it instead of taking it so someone else could see it.

Hug-many or Hug-money however you want to say it both sound like sponsor Lettice. Here’s the link:

*AKA the pool

* My brain isn’t working right now. #TiredDotCom So I’m using random Scottish words as headings with no relation to the text under with them. #Dont BlogTired