This blog post covers my final two practice swims. I will publish a post about the swimathon soon. #HoldTight

I feel like I’ve been a bit negative in the blog – Webbed Hand Man, headaches, retro changing rooms, short pools, Mercury Retrograde, swimming hats… the list goes on. As does my negativity… When Tuesday 18th March rolled around I was angry. The kind of angry when you get annoyed by everything – even the small things. For example, as I was walking to the pool I passed a woman who was laughing. Her laugh annoyed me. It wasn’t an annoying laugh;it was just the act of laughing that got my goat. #SensitiveMuch

Snow white
Regardless of which of the 7 Dwarfs I related to most, this week was my last one before the swimathon, so I had to get in the pool a few times. Importantly, I had to get in the pool at the start of the week because I had plans at the end of the week and I’ve heard from trusted sources that I shouldn’t swim right before the big day.

I related to Grumpy most because I STILL had back ache from my coach ride to and from Glasgow AND I had been going to bed late. #TiredBaby Sadly though, I had to do the grown up thing and suck it up and get on with training. Regardless of how much I felt like not swimming I couldn’t. There wasn’t enough time left before the big day. I had to suck it up, go swimming Tuesday and Wednesday night, and then not swim the other evenings.

Carrot monster*
I’d miraculously avoided biscuits all day so there was nothing to weigh me down but I did have some soup 30 minutes before leaving for the pool. #BadIdea. As a result I was burping lots in the pool. Surprisingly, it’s really hard to burp under water.

Pool length
My last swim was in a pool that was 17 metres longs. Returning to a 30 metre pool was hard. I felt that I wasn’t doing as well because it was taking me longer to do each length and I was getting tired quicker. Once I reminded myself about the increase in pool length I felt a bit better – but only marginally – remember I was channelling Grumpy! I also started to worry about going to a 50 metre pool for the swimathon. How well would I survive that jump? Also, unlike the Loch this pool was busier, which made swimming stressful. I hope Sunday isn’t too busy.

Return of the ache
I got a headache again. If it’s not swimming at the speed of Phelps, Oxygen deprivation, my vice like swimming hat or dehydration – then could it be water pressure? Maybe the angle and depth that I hold my head in the water causes pain? I tested out different head positions but nothing spectacular happened. Having my head a little higher up meant a bit less pressure on my head but it wasn’t revolutionary.

Mind not over matter
My goal was 100 lengths. However, I ended up only doing 50 lengths. It took me 50 minutes which isn’t bad for me – Phelps would cry – but I’m ok with that pace. I only did 50 because I felt like ‘screw it’. I let my grumpy mind win big time. Even though I could have done more physically. sometimes, not often, I just let my mind win. #NeverMind #YouWinSomeYouLoseSome

Wednesday’s swim
Again, I had to swim tonight. It was my last opportunity to swim before the swimathon. Luckily, I wasn’t as grumpy today but I was still channelling one of the less happy Dwarfs. I did 50 lengths in 45 minutes followed by an extra 10 lengths in 10 minutes. So the slightly more positive attitude made me a faster swimmer.

Tonight, I discovered why sometimes I felt like a fish when I get in the water and others like cement. Tonight, I realised I get into a good groove if I swim fast for a few lengths then go to my comfortable slower pace. Swimming fast puts me in the right type of stroke, namely, reaching in the water with my arm rather than placing my arm in the water.

Proud moments
I didn’t rescue a kids goggles but I overtook someone in the fast lane! #Boss.

You’re not as fast as you think
Tonight, I also reconfirmed my disdain for people who think they’re fast, overtake you and then slow you down. These people are very annoying. They’d rather over take you and slow you down, than wait a few seconds and swim further behind you. #Argh!

*Shakes collection bucket but it doesn’t make a sound because it’s so full*
Thank you to EVERY..SINGLE..PERSON who has donated. YOU ROCK like granite. If you’d like to donate you still can here. I’ve completely smashed my original target of £300 and even made it to number 94 on the list of ‘Top 100 Individual Fundraisers’ for the Swimathon. Thank you.
*doesn’t have the same ring does it?