It´s impossible to leave South America without having some metal put in your skin. This blog post will answer why.

1. History


Every archaeological museum in South America displays nose jewellery. FACT. The Incas and the Pre-Incas loved piercing their noses and dangling precious metals from them. FACT. It´s impossible to resist the allure of gold. FACT. Thus, despite it not being popular in England, try and stop a girl whose´s seen a huge gold disc nose ring, from piercing her nose. IMPOSSIBLE.

PS. Anyone up for a museum heist? I want that ring!

2. Popularity

Not that I encourage keeping up with the Joneses but every backpacker packs some metal somewhere on their persons and I´m not talking pen knives (though good backpackers pack those too).

Within the last three weeks three of my backpacker friends have gotten pierced, and if V keeps her promise, another one will get pierced too (no pressure V!)

3. Accessibility

It´s cheap, it´s everywhere, and if you´re volunteering at the same animal sanctuary as me there´s a piercer amongst the team – and I´m not talking cat, monkey or racoon! A real life professional piercer from London no less. So pull out your purse and for less than a cinema ticket stick some metal through your skin!