Wie geht’s? Ich hoffe es geht euch gut. Mir geht’s sehr gut.

Week 7 was a short week due to Monday being a holiday. My main activities this week were video editing, printing, German lessons, and hosting the first episode of my new radio show; Volunteer Stories!

I began the week by editing the video footage recorded at the Filter Europe training event in Vienna. My goal is to make a short video that captures all the activities we did.

Jugend:info Nö are recruiting a new member of staff. I helped with the interview process by printing out the application forms. It took me a while as there is healthy interest in the role!

The highlight of my week was recording the first episode of Volunteer Stories on Campus and City Radio 94.4. My guest was Georgine Weinhart (pictured above) who has volunteered for disability causes and environmental causes in Austria and Costa Rica. Listen to the first episode of Volunteer Stories.

During the week I also attended three online German lessons. The topics were hobbies, introductions and goodbyes, and daily routine. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and can’t wait for more!

Danke fürs lessen.

Mich freundlichen Grüßsen,