Wie geht’s? Ich hoffe es geht euch gut. Mir geht’s sehr gut.

During Week 8 I enjoyed the lovely sunny weather, visit a TV Studio, and attended two meetings.

I made the most of the good weather at the weekend and during the week by doing lots of cycling along the River Traisen.

On Sunday I enjoyed a BBQ with my housemates and neighbours. It was nice to meet other people who live in our building. They were super friendly and I can’t wait to do more activities with them.

On Thursday evening I helped record a music video at St. Pölten University. It was fantastic seeing the TV Studio at St. Pölten University and learning more about how to capture good video footage.

On Friday I attended two meetings. One meeting was to plan an event to mark World No Tobacco Day 2016 on Tuesday 31st May. The other meeting was with the national agency to check how my EVS placement is going.

This week I am writing a magazine article, finishing the Filter film, continuing to plan our World No Tobacco Day event, and hosting my radio show on Thursday. This week my guest is Oliver, an EVS volunteer from Austria who is volunteering in Wales.

Danke fürs lesen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,