In Episode 4 of Volunteer Stories I interview my neighbours! My neighbours Winnie, Damir and Kiryl are volunteering in Austria through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) like me!

Winnie is from France and lives in the same flat as me; Damir is from the Russian Federation and lives in the flat next to me; and Kiryl is from Belarus and lives in the same flat as Damir.

In the interview my neighbours talk about what EVS is, why they chose to do it, what activities they do, what skills they gain, what support they receive, and other volunteering projects they have participated in including: the Special Olympics in Belgium, the World Hockey Championships in Belarus, and the Russian Geographical Society.

Below you can watch parts of the interview where we talk about EVS. For the full interview, including live music performances by Winni and Damir, listen to the audio recording.


All the music is Episode 4 was performed by Winnie and Damir. All the music was performed live apart from one song.


European Voluntary Service

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