Week 13 of my EVS placement was fantastic! I spent four days in Vienna with 26 EVS volunteers who are all volunteering in Austria.

Every EVS volunteer does “On Arrival Training” to learn about EVS, goal setting, Youthpass, individual projects, and to meet the National Agency. There were lots of activities to get us thinking about EVS and how we can make the most of it. We also got to know each other really well and had lots of fun!

map showing where everyone came from
Map showing everyone’s home country
sighseeing in Vienna
Sightseeing in Vienna

On Thursday 12th May I hosted Episode 4 of Volunteer Stories on Campus and City Radio 94.4. It was an exciting episode as I had three guests from three different countries, two of whom played live music, and they all had lots of volunteering experiences to share including: European Voluntary Service, Special Olympics, Hockey Championships and archaeology trips with the Russian Geographical Society. Listen to Episode 4 of Volunteer Stories.

Volunteer Stories Episode 4
Left to right: Kiryl, Johannes, Winnie, Damir, Lettice (me), Sabine.
Damir playing guitar
Damir playing guitar.

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