I’ve been sitting on some exciting news for a while now. I kept it quiet because I don’t like to count my chickens before they’ve hatched.

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Accepting this new opportunity wasn’t easy. I had to fly home from Austria early and turn down another amazing opportunity – volunteering at Rio 2016.

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However, my next adventure is super exciting and will last for 10 months. It means I get to explore another country and try out a new skill.

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So, with my visa finally in hand and my bags packed and weighed I can say what I’m doing next:




That’s right. Thanks to the British Council I’m going to teach English in China. I can’t wait as one of my favourite things to do is explore a new place and there is going to be so much of that to do in China. Ahhh!

Also, I get to try my hand a teaching! I enjoyed delivering training in Nigeria so I hope it’s similar to that!

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The only other downside to accepting this opportunity is that I don’t get to return to London and see my friends who I love to drum, dance and sing with. But I will keep following all the amazing things they do online.

If you want to follow my adventure in China please subscribe to my blog by email. I can’t promise I will be able to use Facebook and YouTube as those websites are banned in China.

Thanks for all the support. Sorry I haven’t seen many people face-to-face recently. I’ve got presents from Nigeria I still need to hand out!



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