Happy Christmas!

I hope you are having a nice day with your loved ones. I am having a nice day filled with friends and activities. My day is divided into two parts and luckily I have time to write a blog post between both parts.

Part 1

At 10.30am Aimee and I attended the Monster English Christmas party at a fancy hotel. Monster English is a language school for children. We were invited to teach the children about decorating Christmas trees.

Mid-way through decorating a Christmas tree.


Zebin (host), Amanda (host), me and Aimee on stage doing introductions.

During the party the children performed songs, dances and plays on stage. My favourite was a group of 6 children who danced to “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction.

‘Mini’ One Direction


Whilst watching the performances we ate pizza.


Where’s Santa?

After the party all the staff went to a local restaurant for lunch. Most of the staff were my students this semester so it was great to eat with them. They told us that in China people celebrate on Christmas Eve too. They play with silly string in the streets and have parties. They also said on Christmas Day it’s tradition to eat an apple as it will bring you good health.

6 of the people in this photo were students in my Tourism English class this semester.

Part 2

Part two of my Christmas celebrations begins at 6.30pm China time. It involves me, Aimee, Stephen and Callum (the four UK teachers) eating pizza and painting the town red. Watch out Duyun!