I never start a holiday, even a backpacking one, with the intention of going hiking. Hiking is hard work and my dream holiday involves no work harder than sitting on a beach drinking fresh coconut water. However it would seem every time I travel I end up going hiking.

When I travelled around South America I did four hikes. Three of them were longer than five days! I did so much hiking it inspired my blog post How to Survive Any Hike.

China was no different. I was travelling in the south of the country in a province called Yunnan. I kept hearing about Tiger Leaping Gorge and thought “Well, if everyone goes on about it that much I should do it”. It turned out to be a beautiful hike – that is – as soon as the quarry at the start of the trail was out of sight. The hike was taxing for the first couple of hours – I needed to catch my breath every few steps during the ascent – but then it flattened out and became a very pleasant 2 day hike.

In the video below I share my experience of the hike and give some tips on how to do it in one, two or three days.